Scott Lawlor - Dark Flow (3 CD)

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Scott Lawlor - Dark Flow (3 CD)
Artist: Scott Lawlor (USA) Album: Dark Flow (3 CD) Label / Release date: 45 Echoes Sounds || May 2014 Style: Space Ambient, Long form Time / Format: 3 hours, 45 min., 5 sec. || FLAC, MP3 (320 kbps), VBR MP3 DIRECT LINK || MIRROR Album Presentation & track-list I first heard about the concept of Dark Flow from a sound clip of an NPR program and was immediately inspired to come up with something musical to represent the phenomenon. I have always been fascinated and enthralled by all things related to space, particularly the immense vastness of our universe and the possibility that there was something beyond it. I started googling for ideas to help with my endeavor to come up with titles for the tracks I had written and after reading the article at and some related posts, I used phrases that caught my attention which I also hope will give the listener a sense of what the tracks convey. Like with my other releases on this fantastic label, I used the Ensoniq TS12and the IPhone for initial recording and then some computer processing for post-production. I hope you enjoy the journey of discovery as you listen to the music inspired by the Dark Flow. Thanks for listening (Scott Lawlor). Track-list: CD 1(1 h.15 min. 20 sec) 1. particle horizon (23:27) 2. primordial energy field (16:52) 3. light cone (35:01) CD 2 (1 h. 11 min. 17 sec.) 1. Expansion of space (34:00) 2. Double galaxy (37:17) CD 3 (1 h. 18 min. 28 sec.) 1. Virgo Cluster (27:24) 2. galactic nucleus (21:50) 3. Recession velocity (8:22) 4. Luminous Clusters (20:52)
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