What is the internet of things and how are we all a part of it?

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What is the internet of things and how are we all a part of it?
Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? If yes, then you’re a part of the internet of things, which has turned into a very popular topic lately. Let’s take a closer look at this concept and figure out why we’re all involved into it.

So, what exactly is the internet of things?

A simple definition of the internet would be a system of all kinds of network-connected devices that are able to communicate with each other. They can send and receive data from the internet.

Our homes, cars and workplaces become more connected. Not only computers and phones have internet access, but also office electronics, home appliances, and even accessories, for example smart watches.

How does the internet of things impact our day-to-day life?

It can be as simple as using your smartphone to get access to public transportation like  with the Uber app, or when you track your fitness progress with your fitness wristband.

Basically, if you have any device that is able to switch on and off from the internet and is able to communicate with other devices whether through apps like Airbnb, Google Maps, Tinder, etc. this brings you closer to understanding what the internet of things is and how you are already a part of it.

At Opera, we also contribute to the development of the internet of things. For example, last year, Opera Mini became the first web browser available on a smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S.   

What’s the next step for the internet of things?

It’s growing fast as many people get connected to the internet and, as devices advance, just looking at what the internet can offer today, many apps that you have on your smartphone with GPS and built-in sensors enable you to gather data such as geolocation, light conditions, near field communication (NFC). etc., which in turn allows you to access various services over the internet. Other devices include a bluetooth-enabled home sound system, Smart TV, wearable gear (like smartwatches) and even your car. Who knows what the internet of things holds for us as devices become even smarter? How are you plugged into the internet of things? What internet-connected devices do you have besides your phone? Share with us on  Twitter and Facebook.
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