Apache Ignite® Meetup: Apache Ignite 2.1, Apache Ignite 3 Alpha 3

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Apache Ignite® Meetup: Apache Ignite 2.1, Apache Ignite 3 Alpha 3
During this community gathering, we will discuss the latest Ignite releases: Apache Ignite 2.11 and Apache Ignite 3.0, Alpha 3. Apache Ignite 2.11: Improvements and .NET Upgrades Maxim Muzafarov will present a quick overview of Apache Ignite 2.11. This release resolved a number of issues, problems with the internal architecture and technical bugs. The improvements focused on the following areas: Thin client Cluster deployment process Page replacement policies Ignite snapshot restore and check commands Pavel Tupitsyn, a .NET module maintainer, will talk about the Apache Ignite 2.11 updates related to .NET. He will present examples of thin client Data Streamer, .NET 5 support, and more. Apache Ignite 3 Alpha 3: The Journey Continues The development of Ignite 3 started about a year ago. Since then, the community has made significant progress: designed a new modular architecture for the next generation of the platform, implemented the unified data replication infrastructure (the cornerstone of the architecture), and added various features. Just now, the Apache Ignite community released the latest version of Ignite 3—Alpha 3! Val Kulichenko, the Ignite 3.0 Release manager, will discuss the updates and demonstrate the latest API changes. This release features the following new functionality: New SQL engine, based on Apache Calcite + JDBC driver Persistence implementation, based on RocksDB New binary client protocol with an implementation in Java Data rebalancing At the end of the meeting Val will also provide some information about the development plan and updates that will come next. Useful links: GitHub: Apache Ignite 3.0 Alpha 3 The Getting Started Guide Mailing list discussion
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