Greg Parker - 10 Solutions

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Plastic City. Play

Catalog#: PLAY011-4
Format: File, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: 30 Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House
Bitrate: 320kbps/44.1Khz/Full Stereo
More Info:

More Info:

Actually, it was long overdue: The first own album of Greg Parker, who has always had his home at Plastic City. Everything begun with his friendship to Terry Lee Brown Junior, who brought him to produce own tracks. At this time, Greg Parker was already a local hero in and around Darmstadt and inspired his followers with intense and deep Tech-house sets. In 2006 he co-produced the Terry Lee Brown Junior track "I Feel Lost" which was released on Terry's Album "Karambolage". Since then, the tracks by Greg Parker get an enormous popularity. Be it on vinyl (2009 with the great "All The Good Things EP" and the three digital EP's "Dreams", "Drop Out" and "Understanding" on the sub-label Plastic City. Play), on compilations such as "Plastic City Radio Show, Season Two","Terry's Caf" or "Zurich Session" or as a remixer for Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter, nor elle, Smalltown Collective or modified Tojami Sessions. Greg Parker also experimented very successfully with Terry Lee Brown Junior in the fields of electronica, dub, lounge and as the remix team "Elephants And Lollipops" (for example for the track "Alex Flatner feat. Lopazz - Perfect Circles" on Circle Music). At the latest it should be clear here: The creative output is based on a source of inspirational creativity.
The album "10 Solutions" therefore will be his debut album. If you read the title of the album and the tracklisting before self-confidence, you will feel maybe the positivism, brightness and the later at once quite dark musical instincts and you will discover how you click unabashed anticipation of playing the tracks in the beginning of the album. Since then it roars to a past all the mystical, dark, driving, dubby, melodic tracks with "Like My Self", "Feels Good" and "You Know" and learns to half actually a clever reversal of disarming directness in bright shining light. By "September", "Future", "My House", "Vacuum" and "Cheerfully Days" achieved that the album is a playful lightheartedness in contrast to the first half of the album and it is sometimes futuristic that you may think that you've to take off. On the end you will find the dub version of the first single "Get High", which will be released as vinyl as well (including remixes by Terry Lee Brown Junior and Volkan), which will bring you back to earth. And then you will recognize: "Yes! 10 Solutions are for your feets because they dance. 10 Solutions are for our breath and for which we're grateful".

01. Greg Parker - Like My Self (Introducing Migu) (08:04)
02. Greg Parker - Ok (07:48)
03. Greg Parker - Feels Good (08:02)
04. Greg Parker - You Know (08:27)
05. Greg Parker - September (06:54)
06. Greg Parker - Future (07:48)
07. Greg Parker - My House (08:29)
08. Greg Parker - Vacuum (08:19)
09. Greg Parker - Cheerfully Days (06:10)
10. Greg Parker - Get High (Dub Version) (08:43)
11. Greg Parker - 10 Solutions (Dj Mix By Greg Parker) (1:00:26)

Скачать Greg Parker - 10 Solutions.rar


Скачать Greg Parker - 10 Solutions.rar


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