Aki Bergen - Something Like This

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Catalog#: PLAY088-8
Format: File, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: 18 May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House
Bitrate: 320kbps/44.1Khz/Full Stereo
More Info:

More Info:

Since the young age of 14 the passion and ardor for the techno movement in Europe, encourage him to explore the variety of the expression of tendency that was revolutioning the world music Club scene. Like each young talented DJ, Neuroxyde (his first artist pseudonym) is searching the road for the access in his City Clubs and with the passing by of the time he becomes well-known to the public. His attraction for the electronic grooves, brings him to meet Andrea Prezioso, his “precious” mentor for a few years, and releasing his first production in 1997. From this point on was for Neuroxyde clear on his mind, that this would be his destination, like a Train rail without stops. Till 2002, year which inaugurates his first professional studio, he switches music productions and gigs on the whole Italian territory. With his actual collaborators (Valentina Dante, David Jones and Aqua Diva) administrates different well know Italian labels of the last few years, moving from different styles and genres taking him to the top of the Top sales charts in Europe.
In the last year with the name of Aki Bergen he found his leading way also in the world of deep house, producing some of the most played records of the last months. We can find his name in the first position of the Deep House Beatport chart for three times, and in the 1st position of Beatport General chart together with Doomwork with the smashing hit “Jazzy Stuff”. His sudden fame provided him big collaborations with artists such as 2000 and One, Dj Madskillz, Milton Jackson, Pezzner, and his remixes are between the most requested and loved.
With the big "Daftastic World EP", which reached #2 at the Beatport Deep House charts, Aki Bergen starts releasing on Plastic City in the beginning of 2010. Now he comes with his second coup on the label: "Something Like This" EP with four new deep Tech-House tracks for the floors around the world.

01. Aki Bergen - Live Strong (Intro) (02:11)
02. Aki Bergen - Hands Up (06:34)
03. Aki Bergen - Get On (07:22)
04. Aki Bergen - Rock Da House (07:56)

Скачать Aki Bergen - Something Like This.rar


Скачать Aki Bergen - Something Like This.rar


скачал - отпишись =)

и не забудь УДАЛИТЬ после прослушивания!

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