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Style: House
BeatRate: 320kbps
Size: 170mb
Time: 74min




01. Skunk Anansie - Charlie Big Potato [Virgin]
02. Royksopp - She's So [EMI]
03. Applescal - The Storm Is Yours (Sistema Remix) [Traum]

04. Madonna - Substitute For Love [Maverick]
05. Saint Germain - Pont Des Arts [EMI]
06. Above Smoke - Forever In My Mind [Deep Explorer]
07. DJ Fudge - Show It [Tejal]
08. Aybee - Doors & Elevators (Aybee Visitation Mix) [Underground Quality]
09. Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie [Eglo]
10. Rick Poppa Howard - I Won't Lay Back [Hour House Is Your Rush]
11. Razoof - Lambs Bread [Nesta]
12. Playin' For The City - My City Life [Straight Up]
13. Pepe Link - Mesoterapia [Love Monk]
14. Kevin Yost - This Night [Distance]
15. Kym Mazelle - Useless (Moody Mix) [Capitol]
16. Ron Trent - Meltdown [Prescription]
17. Anonym - Trust In Me [Sushitech]
18. Cane Garden Quartet - Shine A Light On Me [Stereo Heaven]
19. K'Dee Orchestra - Journey (Kenny Dope Disco Bass Mix) [Ill Friction]


We asked Glenn Holmes a few questions:

Where was your set recorded and with what equipment?

The set was recorded in my humble home in the colorful city of Ram'le using two CDJ100's, a Vestax PDX-2000 turntable and a Vestax PCV-275 mixer. As for software I'VE BEEN USING Cubase for years now. Don't ask me why, but I started using it after my previous selection gave me hell. By the way I probably record my sets in the least appropriate setting, due to cable mayhem in the room.

What idea guided you when recording the set? Is there any specific moment in it that you like in particular?

To be honest I wanted to record a relatively down tempo set for months now. A lot of the music I listen to now gave me many ideas, some of which I tried to add to the beginning of the set. From there on it was all about showcasing the various genres and tracks that are my influence today – a lot of deep house and also some tech house which infiltrates the set here and there. You could actually say that this set is a 74 minute guided tour inside my head. A moment I like more than others? Not an easy question…jump to the 25th and 48th minute and you'll have your answer.

When and how did you get to Israel-Underground? What does it mean for you today?

I got to IU around 2005 or 2006. I decided to become an active part of this community after a few people I met in parties told me about it. For me this community is a home I don't come back to as often as before nowadays, but my good friendship with some people who are an integral part of this home means I will always be there. Looking into the future I hope this community will keep on hosting the scene's small but high-quality core with its diverse taste in music. This has been IU's secret over the years.

Since you started playing music you changed your taste more than once. It started with club-trance went to Progressive house and moved far away since then. What do you listen to / play today and how would you explain these changes?

Changes in musical taste are a natural part of one's evolution. I think it's true for most people (and not just when it comes to music). I can't say that I dislike the music I "used to" listen to. I'm quite proud of the path I took and enjoy each moment of good music I can experience.
In the past few months I started buying CDs again. It's mostly in order to satisfy my alter-ego which apparently likes Rock music. On the electronic side I can point at Deep-House and in general House music which originates in the US. As someone who wasn't educated by Chicago's and Detroit's music since the 80's I find my self chasing more and more of that music on CDs in order to experience this kind of music as well. I find this search very exciting and fascinating.

Vinyls, CDs or MP3?

I believe in a synergy of all three and therefore have an opinion on all.
Vinyls – Nothing beats the feeling of a new vinyl waiting in the post office. The smell, the physical feeling of it, the untouched black material. It has a sort of romance that can't be replaced by anything else.
CDs – I love buying Electronic and also Rock albums on CDs. When the vinyl is hard to find the CD at least gives me something I can actually hold and feel. It is in a way also romantic…just not as romantic as vinyls.
MP3 – The future is already here but I'm a bit on the technophobic conservative side, so MP3's usually fill the blanks when I can't find something I want on vinyls or CD, or when I don't want to buy an entire album for a single track or song. When the financial factor enters the equation it's easier to understand why I sometime buy music on Beatport instead in a store.

What do you think need to be done today in order to improve the local Djs' (namely the bedroom Djs) status?

It's sad to see that musical content is often pushed aside to make room for financial and political considerations. We don't live in a musical utopia and money has a huge role in the scene. However I think its role is too big and powerful. If clubs and party lines select Djs not because of their musical beliefs but for the Djs' ability to bring crowd into the club (thus becoming a PR agent instead of a Dj) then something really sad is happening.
What can be done about it? Probably not much. A Dj needs to invest more and more if they don't have the proper experience or connections. Usually this involves throwing a party or two of their own, accumulate a small but happy crowd and let the crowd forward the name in other places. This is one example when things done for the wrong reasons can at least contribute to the cause. To sum it up, if you're a Dj and you believe in yourself but unhappy about the way the scene treats you, you probably need some money, a few packs of painkillers and loads of patience.

Imagine yourself 10 years from now and tell us what you see.

Working as a statistician in this company or the other, holding a residency in a club that hasn't been invented yet, married happily to an inflatable doll and making peace with my hair dresser after 11 years of not being in touch with him.
Being a bit more serious I hope to be married and at 37 I sure hope to have a kid or two. Just as important for me is to still have the music which accompanied me for more than a decade around me even when I'm nearing 40.

Fill in the blanks – "In past life I was probably __________"

A butterfly.

Imagine a world with its own perfect clubbing scene. How will it look?

This world won't be big but will be based on a constant number of a few hundred of clubbers who live and breathe music, and go out every (or almost every) weekend to the clubs. In Tel-Aviv this already exists more or less and I salute all those who make this a reality.
Radio stations in this world will regularly play various electronic genres and not only the esoteric stations and in strange hours.
In this world I also see clubs give opportunities to fresh names and not just the lucky few who know the right people. The clubs will be attentive to the crowd's needs and will give a true clubbing experience.
Music (in general and not only electronic) will gain the status it deserves as a cultural main event. In Tel-Aviv this may become a reality only when a new mayor with a better attitude will present himself (or herself).

Which three albums (from any genre and any time) would you take with you to an remote island?

I wanted to say that I love this question but it's so damned difficult to select only three…
I'm absolutely certain that I'd want to hear Thom Yorke's melancholic voice but I'm not certain which Radiohead album I'd like to take with me. "OK Computer" is a consensus, "Kid A" proved that this band is here to stay but after some thorough deliberation I think Ill take the latest album "Rainbows".
I only got to know "Archive" half a year ago after a conversation with a salesman in a very specific music-store and already bought five out of their seven albums. Their arrival to Israel later on this month gives me goose bumps already. Out of those five I will probably take "You All Look the Same to Me, which is not just an amazing name for an album but also an amazing album. It has everything there is to love about this group – a synergy of Rock, Trip-Hop and Electronica presented by two great vocalists.
The third album would probably be Danny Howells' "24:7" compilation, which (like almost every Danny Howells compilation) has a very special atmosphere. Howells is probably the "dinosaur" which pressed most of my buttons. This specific compilation has many great moments. It's a good thing this question came by, because I now realize I haven't listened to it for too long.

Some info about israelunderground.com
IsraelUnderground is a community founded during the year 2000 and which consists of a colorful blend of electronic music lovers, clubbers, djs and producers. During its many years of existence IU has evolved and changed parallel to the Israeli scene, followed it in it best days as well as in its worst, while constantly bonding its members not just on the dance floor but outside it as well.

This podcast series "PodIUmix" (Pod-IU-Mix) will attemp to showcase members and friends of IU, while trying to expose the listeners to as many musical genres as possible. This is IU in sound.

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