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Style: House
BeatRate: 256kbps
Size: 133mb
Time: 58min




Soulphiction - Ghana Wadada feat Phlegmatic
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Mondschein Primaten (Pawas Remix)
Dub Dummies – Grasshopper
Adriano Filipucci – Voices
Ekkohaus – First Time (feat Caroline)
Simon Beeston – Dusty Back Room
Aki Bergen – History of soul
Deadbeat – Vampire
Alex Niggemann – Black Rose
LGA – Dia
Cobblestone Jazz – Chance
Phonogenic – Biden
Davide Squillace – I wish I was a trumpeter
The Revenge – Forever in their dept (red rack’em remix)


We asked Alex a few questions:

Name an Israeli producer and an Israeli DJ that you highly appreciate.

I don’t really have many records by Israeli artists as it turns out but I do sometimes enjoy Shlomi Aber’s productions. Also Miss Fitz and DOT (Dotan Bibi) have some very solid releases under really good labels. As for DJ’s...I always enjoyed Tubi Ku’s sets.

Where was this set recorded and using what equipment?

It was recorded at my place in Tel Aviv using a combination of vinyl records and quality digitals using Serato Scratch Live on Technics Direct Drive turntables and Vestax mixer. Recorded with SoundForge9.0

Tell us a bit about the idea behind the set. Is there a moment in the set you loved more than others?

My only intention behind this mix is to deliver a deep and dirty groove to the listener! The first track with the Indian-like vocals is probably my favorite in this mix.

When did you start djing and what got you to start in the first place?

Growing up I was always around music, electronic music specifically after the age of 20 or so. I started djing only in 2003 because my roommate at the time in New York was a DJ so I had a full setup to practice on and I did just that….and never really stopped since I guess. We are constant students of music.

As one born in one country, raised in a second and currently living in a third, what kind of effect (if at all) does this multi-cultural life have on the music you choose to play today?

Variety is the spice of life. For sure my travels and the various cultures I came across have a huge effect on my taste in music and what I choose to play in my sets….although I’ve never been to Africa I love me some deep tribal flavors.

Vinyl, CD, or MP3? Explain why…

I’m a huge vinyl junkie and I’ll always order the record if I really love something but I do play out with Serato a lot more lately. I think the biggest benefit of Serato is that I have much more music available at my finger tips, which is something that allows me to be more spontaneous and dynamic during my sets. I’m about 50/50 between using vinyl records and high quality MP3’s and WAV’s when I play out.

Tell us a bit about lomographic photography which you are quite fond of. How did it start?

It’s just really fun and allows me to be creative in new ways with a camera. I play around with my fisheye2 at parties sometimes and I have to admin – I’m addicted! Really love the old school esthetic of it.

Imagine yourself 10 years from now and describe that image.

Well, hopefully a family man with a big smile of someone who has truly lived his life the way he wanted to and not the way society told him to.

Nowadays you're a part of the "Legotek" group organizing (among other things) parties on Tel-Aviv's rooftops. Do you think roof-parties are a temporary trend or are parties making their move from basements towards the sky?

Rooftops are the new basements! There is nothing like being outdoors under the stars, playing deep beautiful music and being surrounded by like-minded friends who enjoy it as much as you do! Watch out for some seriously quality Legotek rooftop events this summer!

"In past life I was probably a _______"?

In a previous life I was probably I was the techno cat living across the alley from Freedom the house cat

Some info about israelunderground.com
IsraelUnderground is a community founded during the year 2000 and which consists of a colorful blend of electronic music lovers, clubbers, djs and producers. During its many years of existence IU has evolved and changed parallel to the Israeli scene, followed it in it best days as well as in its worst, while constantly bonding its members not just on the dance floor but outside it as well.

This podcast series "PodIUmix" (Pod-IU-Mix) will attemp to showcase members and friends of IU, while trying to expose the listeners to as many musical genres as possible. This is IU in sound.

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