#YouthOnline: Youth Month with Opera

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#YouthOnline: Youth Month with Opera
The internet has given youth around the world a voice to share their thoughts and views about anything online. It has also provided a platform to bring communities together with collective beliefs to drive social change, create conversations and encourage active citizenship.

The celebration highlight of Youth Month in South Africa is just around the corner and our ambassadors are prepping for an online campaign.

RT opera "Opera Ambassadors in South Africa believe that the Youth should be responsible for their future #YouthOnline opera …

— BrewPotChallenge (@BrewPotChalleng) June 9, 2016

In this campaign, our ambassadors give other youth a digital venue to gather solutions to issues that affect the youth in South Africa — from education to online connectivity. Through our Facebook and Twitter pages that reach millions of fans around the world, we hope to help give the youth a boost in effecting social change.

#youthonline @opera let's stop focusing on what is past, let's start thinking abt how we contribute 2 what is 2 come #southafrica #june16

— kimkoo (@kimkoo) June 3, 2016

Social media platforms are often dominated by young people, but the youth have expressed frustration that sometimes their digital voices don’t carry over into the physical world.  We believe that by using #YouthOnline with Opera, young people can work together to focus conversations on a single, important topic. This will be an effective first step in making the voices of the youth heard and turn online discussions into real conversations impacting the country.

Via #YouthOnline @Opera, our ambassadors hope to zero in on the most talked-about topics and from those, create a collective and digital Youth Charter by the end of June.

Follow this campaign by checking our Facebook page or via the Twitter feed of #YouthOnline with @Opera.

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